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Beyond Disability Awareness Guide

If you've been wanting to "do" disability awareness, but you're not quite sure where to start or how to do it in a research-based and respectful way, this Beyond Disability Awareness: An Educator's Guide is the only resource of its kind. You'll have all the foundational information you need, in one easy and convenient, laminated resource designed especially for the busy educator, parent, or community member. I'm beyond excited to partner with NPR, Inc. in bringing you this fabulous resource that brings disability into discussions of diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and belonging, in schools and communities. 

Don't make the same mistakes I made!

Originally, when I started "doing" disability awareness at my school, I followed in the footsteps of my mentors and used simulation resources. It wasn't until I started reading and learning about disability history, and the importance of disability access and inclusion, that I had an epiphany. I realized that we were doing it all wrong. We were focusing on the wrong things. And in order to make the world better (as had been my intention originally), I needed to redesign my disability awareness endeavors. Click the button above to get your very own resource guide to gain easy access to the essentials of respectful, research-based disability awareness!

And if you prefer to dive in to my in-depth, Beyond Awareness digital course, simply click on this link.

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